Plans, the best web calendar.
Users say:
This calendar system rocks


Browser-Based Management

Plans' interface is intuitive and easy to use.

How easy? This easy:

Online help is built into Plans.

Multiple Calendars

One installation of plans can support many calendars.

Calendars can share information with each other.

Each calendar is managed independently (unique password, custom options, custom look & feel).

Multiple calendars running on the same installation of plans can be "embedded" in completely different websites.

Recurring Events

Plans uses a powerful and flexible recurring event model.

International Support

Plans supports multiple languages.

Weeks can start on days other than Sunday.

Plans supports arbitrary date formats (mm/dd/yy, dd/mm/yy, etc.)

Database Support

Plans can store data in flat files or an SQL database.


Plans is the nicest-looking web calendar.

Plans has several downloadable themes available.

CSS-based layout makes it easy to match the colors & fonts with your website.

Open Source

Plans is licensed under the GPL. You can freely modify the code for your needs. Many organizations have done so.


Plans' architecture allows add-ons and standalone programs to re-use its framework.

Plans can export events to other platforms, including MS Outlook and Palm.

Template-based design

Plans uses HTML templates to allow easy customization of the look & feel.

Each calendar can have its own custom template, even located on a different server.