Plans, the best web calendar.
Users say:
I was looking for an easy solution to a need, little did I know I would find a gem! Plans is as easy as it gets to manage as well as configure and customize. If you're in the market for a calendar program that will offer you more than just a html calendar - this is the one to get.


Download version 8.2.1

If you are upgrading for the first time, check the upgrade help page.

Unix users can install plans in one easy step:

wget -q -O - >;sh 8.2.1


lynx -source "" >;sh 8.2.1

Mac OS X users can use:

curl >;sh 8.2.1

  • Make sure you're in the directory you want Plans to be installed in when you run this.
  • Don't upgrade using this method. Your existing files will be overwritten.

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